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Kayou - Naruto - Tier 3 Boxes

Kayou - Naruto - Tier 3 Boxes

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  • Contains 20 packs per box
  • Each pack contains 5 cards
  • Exclusive Cards/Rarities (Not guaranteed):
  1.  Wave 1 - TR, TGR, AR, NR, SP-001, SP-004
  2.  Wave 2 - TR, TGR, AR, SP-017, SP-018, SP-019, MR, NR
  3.  Wave 3 - TR, TGR, AR, SP-027, SP-028, SP-029, MR, NR
  4.  Wave 4 - TR, TGR, AR, SP-039, SP-043, SP-044, SP-050, MR, NR
  5.  Wave 5 - TR, TGR, AR, SP-057, SP-058, SP-059, SP-060, MR, NR

    From the hit anime series, Kayou brings Naruto trading cards. Kayou is a licensed, Chinese trading card company bringing you one of the biggest animes to the palm of your hand! With beautiful artwork and great quality, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to collect them!

    Rarity List from Lowest-Highest:

    *Indicates exclusive to certain tiers/waves 

    *Information may change without being updated      




    TR* (Tier 3)

    TGR* (Tier 3)

    ZR* (Tier 2)

    HR* (Tier 4)



    AR* (Tier 2, 3, 4)

    SLR* (Tier 4)


    CP* (Tier 2.5)

    GP* (Tier 1)


    CR* (Tier 2)

    NR* (Tier 3)

    BP* (Tier 4)

    SE* (Tier 4)

    Special Rarities

    20th (Tier 4 Wave 4)

    LR (Blister Packs)

    PR (Promos only)

    BR (Badge Boxes)

    SCR (Youth Scroll)

    SS-SSR (Heaven & Earth Scroll)

    SS-HR (Heaven & Earth Scroll, New Year's Box)

    SS-UR (Heaven & Earth Scroll, New Year's Box)

    SS-OR (Heaven & Earth Scroll)

    SS-AR (New Year's Box)

    SS-SP (Heaven & Earth Scroll, New Year's Box)

    SS-SV-S (Heaven & Earth Scroll, New Year's Box)

    SS-SV-G (Heaven & Earth Scroll, New Year's Box)

    SS-SE (New Year's Box)

    CC-R (Age of Ninja)

    CC-SR (Age of Ninja)

    CC-SSR (Age of Ninja)

    CC-PTR (Age of Ninja)

    CC-UR (Age of Ninja)

    CC-SP (Age of Ninja)

    CC-MR (Age of Ninja)

    CC-XR (Age of Ninja)

    CC-QR (Age of Ninja)


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