About Us

Meet Kegan and Chang, together we are the proud owners of Changz Collectionz LLC! We are a small, family, veteran-owned business located in Connecticut. We have 2 daughters, who we love to share our passion for fandom and pop culture with, and 2 dogs (Obito & Reen). We are both 90’s babies that grew up on Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc. We’re fans of almost anything that catches our attention, whether it’s movies, anime, games, painting, or sports. We’re all about positive vibes, fun, and helping others where we can.

We take great pride in delivering an excellent experience, regardless of if you make a purchase. We firmly believe that you should be proud of whatever things you like to collect, whether we sell them or not. We’re excited to build up this community and meet many amazing people!
As always, happy collecting!