Special-Order Program Policy

Special-Order Program!
    Introducing our Special-Order Program! We created this program to help increase our reach with customers and expand inventory in a much smoother fashion. Instead of trying to read minds and guess what to order and end up with dead stock, we simply keep adding items to our catalog and you place your orders. We will place orders on a monthly basis to fulfil all orders placed with us to guarantee we only order what you want! Orders will then be fulfilled on our end and your items will be shipped to you in order of which they were placed (pending item availability) This helps us cut down on shipping and other behind the scenes expenses so we can make sure we can give the best experience and maintain running a healthy business. Items offered through this program will be identified in items description as "*SPECIAL ORDER ITEM" following additional information. Any item not indicated with this will be stocked with us and available immediately.
    *NOTE: Depending on the success of the program, monthly orders may be upgraded to bi-weekly orders. Any updates on the program will be communicated, and any feedback for improvements are always welcome, so that we may serve you the best way we can!
  • Order will be open between the 1st and the 19th of each month
  • We will begin placing orders on the 20th of each month and begin fulfilling your orders and start shipping out the first week of the following month
  • Read item descriptions carefully to note which items will fall under the SOP (Special-Order Program).
  • We will have availability information in corresponding items description. Information will include "*Special Order Item" followed by its scheduled availability, along with other product details. 
  • Some items may be pre-orders or on back order, which will be indicated by estimated restock dates or applicable status.
  • Once an order is placed you will receive emailed updates on the status of your order.
  • Any items that are currently stocked at time of customer order, will be shipped separately from additional special-order items, unless otherwise specified by customer through order notes.


  • We will be fulfilling orders on a monthly basis, so expect longer wait times than usual. The more successful the program, the faster we'll be able to place orders and get them shipped out.
  • Orders placed will not be charged until the 20th of each month, unless otherwise communicated.
  • You may request to cancel an order up until the 20th of each month, unless otherwise communicated, after that a cancellation may still be requested but will have a fee.
  • There will be a 25% cancellation fee if you request to cancel your order after you have been charged. Please shop responsibly.
  • You may place additional orders to have items shipped together within the month (pending item availability)
  • Special-Order items may not be returned per our return policy, however, pending certain issues that may arise with smaller items, we will handle them on a case-by-case basis.
  • Any order placed consisting of both, in stock items and SOP items, will have in stock items held until SOP items arrive, to be shipped together, unless specially requested (additional shipping charges may apply).

Scheduled Availability Definitions

  • "Pending" - Indicates an item that may be a special order through manufacturers/distributors or an item that is currently stocked with manufacturers/distributors. 
  • "Date XX/XXXX" - Indicates an item as a pre order or an expected restock of an item, such as reissues, second waves, reprints, etc.
  • "Backorder" - Indicates items are on backorder through manufacturers or distributors.
*Please have patience with us as we cannot/do not have any control over these potential estimated dates or any changes with them.

    We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason we deem necessary.